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The Story Of Armed Security Has Just Gone Viral!

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This has not always held true and the introduction of this requirement is anticipated to regulate the academic standards and knowledge base so that the particular task can be effectively carried out (Security guard company in the San Fernando valley). Rigorous requirements are set as to the type of uniform and badge used by security business. Uniforms or badges that might be confused with a law enforcement officer are forbidden.

While the term security guard is used by business, federal government bodies and individuals, the term gatekeeper is deemed more appropriate. Bouncers use the title Crowd Controllers, and Store Detectives use the title Loss Prevention or Possession Protection Officers. Gatekeeper may bring firearms, handcuffs or batons where their role requires them to do so and after that only when working and have the appropriate sub-class accreditation to their license.

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The evaluation found the market had a similar gender profile to authorities (24% woman, 76% male), nevertheless security had a larger, and older age profile - 35% of security officers were 45 to 64 years old, while 44% of police were concentrated between 30 and 39 years. The review kept in mind that since 2009, private security outnumbered police two to one; it anticipated that this rate would continue to slow as security innovation end up being more readily-accessible, particularly CCTV electronic camera systems, which are often viewed as being more cost-effective than guarding/mobile patrol service.

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Security Guard Company In The San Fernando Valley - If Not Now, When?The ABCs of Effective Security Guard Company
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We are often asked what the differences are between one security company to another because many people think that all contract security companies are alike and in many cases there is a lot of truth to this thinking, meaning many believe that all Security Providers are exactly same except that they wear different patches and uniforms. So why change from one security company to another? The reality is that security companies lose their contract for malperformance all the time and often much before their contract is due. In fact, it is a common thing to hear that local businesses have changed their security companies 3, 4 and even 5 times just within the past 24 months! It is quite different with Quest National Security! While the average term for a typical security contract is 1-2 years, we have been known in the industry to serve and protect the same clients for over 10 years and each one of them will vouch for us any time! Before hiring your next security company, it is best to ask the following pertinent questions: What is the proposed on-boarding process? Whether the security officer on the ground is even suitable for on-boarding. Is the company licensed, properly vetted and qualified to perform their duties? Is there a proper training protocol, if at all? Is the training regularly refreshed and up to date with current events? Are you provided with a single point of contact who can be reached 24/7. Is he or she are empowered to solve any possible issues in a timely manner? What if you don’t get along with the uniformed professional standing inside or right outside your property? If you have changed your security company time after time and still haven’t found peace – you are not alone. We find that many businesses, small and large, are unhappy with their security because of the notorious non-performance of the guards and lack of responsiveness from management. One of the reasons why we are known in the industry to have stellar client loyalty is due to our great attention to details, critical selection of manpower, methodical on-boarding phase and tight management model. Want to hear more? Click here and schedule a risk-free security assessment by professionals. We’ll walk the property together and provide you with a tailored competitive solution to your specific security needs.


Quest National Security offers highly competitive rates. Any professional security assessment contains multiple factors such as the level of experience needed, whether unarmed, armed or a concealed weapon officer is required, how often should a roaming supervisor visit (and the check list continues.) The actual cost of security services greatly varies as each and every security program includes different components that are tailored to meet specific needs. Contact us to schedule a risk-free security assessment and a competitive proposal.

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Quest National Security was established in 2001 in San Diego CA. QNS is a very professional security company with more than 170 5 stars reviews

5% of the market share at the time. A 2018 report authored by Anthony Bergin, Donald Williams, and Christopher Dixon and released by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, concentrated on the present role of private security in countering hostile hazards. A progressing understanding of risks has actually led to private security playing a greater part in reacting to important occurrences, such as terrorist attacks.

It said the security industry is nationally characterized as high-volume and high-turnover, offered the conflict between an extremely authoritative choice procedure by companies and regulators who seek to make sure just healthy and appropriate individuals are certified. As such, approximately 47% of the industry consists of casual security officers (Security guard company in Los Angeles) - Private security. In 2018, referencing information offered by ASIAL, the report specifies that the private security market has a yearly turnover of AUD8 billion - split equally in between workforce and the electronic devices sector.

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Technological advancements in regards to drones, facial acknowledgment, and robotics are expected to continue to enhance the private security landscape in Australia. In Canada, private security falls under the jurisdiction of Canada's ten provinces and three territories. Private security. All 10 of Canada's provinces and among its areas (the Yukon) have legislation that controls the agreement security market.



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